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Outlook Express 6 on a XP box

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How might I stop OE from "losing" files/e-mails in the inbox and outbox every time it is restarted?

Basically..any e-mail that is downloaded from the mail server to the system disappears once OE has restarted.

OE was uninstalled..then deleted in safe mode..and reinstalled, but the problem still exists.

I think this is a result of a worm/virus attack, but all the AV scans I've used to date have failed to detect anything. Therein, I'm still trying to figure out why OE is acting this way and what I need to do to fix it... :(

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Ya..that's a good thought, but "Show All Messages" didn't change a thing.

It was the default setting fwiw.

This still has me stumped and none of the AV/Spyware scans ever detected a thing.

Bummer! :down:
No rules setup at all and the messages disappear on the system after they are pulled from the e-mail server.

In other words..after hitting send & receive the messages disappear once OE is shut down and restarted. The inbox, outbox and such are empty no matter what was in them when the program was shut down.
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