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Outlook Downloading Spam Folder From AT&T

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I have a paid AT&T email subscription. When Outlook downloads the email, the AT&T spam folder email is downloaded together with the Inbox email. AT&T "Support" insists it's a setting in Outlook that includes the Spam folder, but won't tell me what that setting is unless I pay them a monthly fee for "Other Software" support.

The only settings I see are for the POP address and the port, both of which the rep verified are correct. Does anyone know about some secret Outlook setting that he claims exists? Note that Outlook is not pulling the email from the Trash folder.
Outlook 2003 SP3

Thank you
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Are you sure it's setup for POP and not IMAP? IMAP would download any folders that are subscribed but POP only downloads the Inbox. If you logged into the AT&T webmail do your folders there match the ones in your Outlook, same Sent, Inbox, Spam, etc? If so then you are using IMAP.

Can't find a great article for 2003 but it should be somewhat similar to 2010 to unsubscribe from a folder:

Sometimes in the webmail you can also hide folders from IMAP, not sure if that exists for AT&T's mail.
AT&T - which is really Yahoo email with the AT&T "name" on it - insists that it is POP. I'm not sure what you mean by matching the efolders? In Yahoo the junk folder is called "Spam"; in Outlook it is called "Junk e-mail".

I appreciate The url you pointed to but I can't find any "Query" in the navigation/folders pane.
Can I try changing the POP to IMAP and see what happens? If I can do that, how do I determine the incoming mail server setting? And would I have to change the outgoing server settings from SMTP also?

IMAP will download all the folders. You can check how yours is setup by going to Account Settings in Outlook, it will with list it as a POP or an IMAP account.

Are you sure Outlook isn't just downloading all the email which includes any marked as Spam?

Have you logged into your web mail:
Yahoo has separate folders named Spam, Trash, Inbox etc. I see it and have to delete everything in it the Spam folder a few times a day to prevent its being downloaded.

Mt email is setup as POP but I thought you were sugeesting that I change it to IMAP.
Here is a snapshot of the folder setup (after I deleted the spam and downloaded Inbox). You can see that Spam is a discrete folder.


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Not sure what is going on there then, maybe another one of the numerous Yahoo mail glitches.
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