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Outlook Calendar (Yahoo Calendar) on Android and on PC

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Hello friends,

I use Outlook on my Android phone and on the PC desktop.

My mail account is an yahoo-IMAP acccount.

Here's the thing:

I use the PC outlook app, receive outlook calendar invitations by IMAP Yahoo mail, then accept or decline them, and so a have my calendar nicely up to date on my PC!
But how can I get that on my Android Outlook app? There, I just get the emails from the Yahoo IMAP server but my calender is empty.

Please give me some options, do I need to use some third party server which I need to link with Outlook PC App?
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If you add a test appointment on your phone, does it show on your desktop? If not, then it sounds that the Outlook on your phone is not syncing.
no, its not syncing.

what can i do??
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