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Outlook 2016 - 'Recover Deleted Items From Server' no icon

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Just upgraded from MS Office Home and Student 2010 to Outlook 2016 on my desktop, and I have accidentally deleted some emails - which don't now appear in my deleted items folder.

MS Support advises that the next place to look is in the Recoverable Items folder (adding that this a hidden folder)

MS Support then says 'click Deleted Items - make sure Home is selected, the click Recover Deleted Items from Server,

The Recoverable Items folder doesn't appear on the Home tab in my ribbon, nor does the Recover Deleted Items from Server.

I would really appreciate some help in telling me how to recover my lost emails, and how I can access these 'missing' folders!

Thanks in advance!!
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What email provider do you use? Do you have your email setup to save emails in the server?
I believe that those options are only available if you're using an Exchange server. Not "regular" POP and IMAP mails.
I use gmail mostly and that option is offered
I use gmail mostly and that option is offered
Could be? I just saw a website "HERE" where the following quote is taken.

Important: If Recover Deleted Items From Server is grayed out or isn't there:

  • You might be working in offline mode. To work online, see Switch from offline to online mode.
  • You might not be using an Exchange account."
Okay I am not familiar with that option but I have always used gmail with imap so copies are always available on my server
Thanks for all your replies.

I'm also using Gmail with IMAP. MS Support Article ID: 2671941 says that if I have an IMAP account all mail should remain on the mail server until its deleted. (But I don't see any way to enable that option anyway).

I am definitely not working offline - and still don't have that 'Recover Deleted Items from Server' icon on my ribbon. I don't understand the difference between an Exchange server and IMAP server....can I use an Exchange server with my current Gmail IMAP account?

Appreciate your help and advice! Thanks
If you are using imap with gmail then all your email should be saved on gmail. Have you tried going into your gmail online. You should have a folder called All Mail and this is where you should find copies of your deleted emails if they are not shown in the inbox
BUT, the OP is using Outlook 2016 and if their setting is to remove from server after download then they are gone.

dckeks, BUT, are you using Outlook 2016 to get your email?
Yes, I am using Outlook 2016 and have used most all versions of Outlook for many years. As long as you are using a IMAP server, then you can delete any email off your computer and it will not delete them from gmail until you go into gmail and delete them from there.
I understand that I can always retrieve deleted emails from gmail online, but surely I should be able to enable the feature in Outlook 2016...? Otherwise, what is the purpose of 'Recover Deleted Items from Server' on the Outlook 2016 ribbon?
See the following link for more information that may be helpful
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