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Outlook 2003 sending LOTS of random emails

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i have windows XP and outlook 2003,

i've just started to get lots of symantec popups scanning emails, i get so many (100 in 40secs) none of which i sent, i cant do much else apart from disable the internet to stop it. Norton antivirus hasn't detected anything, nor has ad-aware pro. Im not sure if it is only when i open outlook or just 5 minutes after being on the internet, however it hasnt happened whilst writing this and outlook isnt open.

outlook has two email inboxes, one hotmail and another uni email.

please could you help me, is this a virus trying to spam people from my computer, how can i detect it?

any help would be much appreciated! ....please help!

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To be even safer, try booting to safe mode and delete everything in that temp directory. It is not uncommon for spyware to remain there and get copied and then renamed to the executable if you manually delete just the executable.
Might double check for hidden files as well. Could also simply be left-over entries that simply point to files that are no longer there.
Again, if they are not there, then nothing runs. Just left overs entries to run a file that isn't there.

Rather than trying to manually figure each one out, which doesn't always work, have you tried any of the many programs available to remove spyware automatically?

Spybot, Defender from Microsoft, and Ad-Aware are three good ones to start with.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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