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Outlook 2002 (XP) won't send emails.

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Using SBC Yahoo DSL Internet Service.

SBC says my Outlook 2002 is somehow corrupt?

If so how do I export all my contacts and inbox before I uninstall and the re install?

Here is the error message:

Send test e-mail message: The specified server was found, but there was no response from the server. Please verify that the port and ssl information is correct. To access these settings close this dialog, then click more settings and click on the advance tab.

Outlook Express works fine.

Please help.

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your inbox and folders are in a .pst file.
not sure the address book in outlook - still looking
found it ext .oab

re not sending mails - have a look at all the settings
In Outlook2002, you can test the configuration before even opening Outlook and sending mail. Did it ever pass that test?

Also, in that configuration section, it shows the location of the data file. You can copy this to another location or computer if you need to back it up.
It is rare but I have also seen two other solutions to this problem.

Uninstall and reinstall Office (which has Outlook included). You won't lose your e-mail configuration and it can solve this.

Try creating a new user profile, pointing to the same data file.
I will let you know asap if your suggestions worked.

To be safe, you can also try a re-install first but I haven't found this to work as well.

So in order:

1. Test the old profile from the e-mail configuration section.
2. Create and test a new profile.
3. Reinstall Office
4. Uninstall and re-install Office.
Will do asap...

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