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Outlook 2002 Contacts Groups

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At a previous office I could create subfolders in my Contacts folder (e.g. Personal, Bus1, Bus2, etc.). Then when I wanted to send an email I would click on the New Mail Mesage button, then on the "To..." button. In the Select Names window, I had the option to select from the Contact subfolders.

Now at my home office, (Office XP Pro on Win2KP), I no longer have the option to select Contact subfolders. The only list that is available on the "Type Name or Select from List" menu is the main Contact list.

I don't use MS Exchange, and I don't think the problem is related to Exchange since even when I had it before at the previous office, the Contact subfolders I created were local and available.

Help is appreciated.
Merry Holidays and Happy New Year to all.

- Wyclif
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You may need to add each one as an Outlook address book. It's in the same place as the email accounts, but I forget the menu...
Thanks. It appears that contacts aren't recognized as addresses until you indicate them as such by rightclicking on the contact folder, going to properties and checking the appropriate box.
Sorry. That's how it is in 2000, but I thought you hadda... oh well. You got it working. :)
I use Outlook 2002 to maintain a Vendor database of 1130 vendors. I built various keywords into the same field for each vendor, specifying the product(s). I then added sub-folders under contacts using the same keywords. I did Tools|Advanced search, selected the field, typed in the keyword, up came the list of vendors which had that keyword. I then copied them all into the folder (subfolder). No problems. I have three separate lists of sub folders, one for normal fax, one for normal email, and one for a broadcast fax that we send via an email provider. I built three separate sets so that when I select the vendors I do not have to check through several numbers or addresses in the same "phonebook".

I have no problems like you are having. Try to tell me more, and I will try to help.

I guess I was having difficulty undestanding the concept of Contacts vs. Address Books in OutlookXP. There's a fairly decent website that gives info re these issues for novices (like me). But it's still enough for me to 'break through' to a higher level of understanding.

I have a new service business of my own, with various suppliers, clients, etc. which I need to organize into MSOutlook's paradigms of 'contacts', 'categories', 'distribution lists', etc. I wish there was a good book that could give some examples for applying outlook to small business for non-programmers/developers. The book I have "Step-by-step" by MS is really useless for this purpose. Any ideas?
Wyclif: Use Access instead.

There's a contact management database...

Open Access and hit File-New and check out the Contact Management database.

If it doesn't give you the ability to click-to-email a client, you let me know and we'll make sure you get it.

Outlook is, IMHO, a waste of time as a contact/customer mgmt db.
That sounds like a great idea. I guess the trick is ensuring email and contact functionalities in Access. I'll tackle it and see where it takes me. Thanks again for the suggestion and have a happy new year.
With all due respect to Dreamboat, I have been using Outlook since it came out as part of Office 97. I am not a computer professional.

I find Outlook to be easy as pie. As I replied, I use it to direct correspondence to vendors: purchase orders, tax exempt certificates, inquiries, you name it, I send it.

Of the two problems that I originally had with Outlook 97, one has been fixed. That problem was that Outlook would not correctly parse email addresses and fax phone numbers when one imported a database from Access or any other existing application. You would not get a "Fax Phone Book" to use with Microsoft Fax (which still existed in Win95). I bludgeoned Microsoft into having the guy call me who had written the VB script fix for that problem. For onyone who needs it, it is in Q166333 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

The last and still problem is that you can not import Keywords into a field called Keywords, even though you can map to that field. It is just not there. So, if you have search keys, or Key words, you need to pick some other text field, one for which you have no other use.

Beyond that, I love Outlook.
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