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Outlook 2002 Contacts error

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Have a user that has a prob with Outlook 2002. This was a new computer so all of the people she had in her Personal Address Book in Outlook 97 (or 2000, can't remember) were imported into Contacts in Outlook 2002. ONLY those contacts are causing her problems - new ones added in Outlook 2002 are fine. The problem is that she will receive the error: 'Could not load an object because it is not available on this machine.' If she click OK, she gets a question about debugging. If she no to debugging, the contact will eventually open. If she said yes, she receives a series of invalid page faults (vs7jit [???]), blah blah (sorry, not there and don't have the rest of the messages) but the contact will open if she closes all of the boxes that have appeared.

Now, accoding to Microsoft:
There is a reference to an ActiveX control in the item's form, and you do not have the appropriate library files for that control registered and installed on your computer.

To resolve this behavior use either of these two methods.

Method 1
Click OK to the error message. The item will open without displaying the problem control.
Method 2
Contact the author of the form to determine how to install and register the control on your computer. This method may involve installing an additional program, which provides the control.
That really doesn't help since the only program in question here is Outlook.

Any ideas?
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OK, I found something else:
I suppose that could explain the prob. Unfortunately, this is Office XP...
Ok, getting there.
I now found this response from a Microsoft Outlook MVP to someone else with the same error:
Did you have the Small Business Customer Manager installed on the old hard
drive because the problem contacts are looking for the Datagrid control
which is included in msdatgrd.ocx. To get around this Export the Contacts
folder to an Excel format and then re-import but re-import to a sub folder
of type Contacts first. Once you are satisfied the Contacts are all present
and correct delete the Contacts in the Main Contact folder and then drag and
drop from the sub folder. If this doesn't work properly you may have to use
a utility called omsgclas.doc which is a word document that changes the
message class of Outlook items. The message class of a standard Contact
item is IPM.Contact. More on the message class utility here: and
I think I'll have her give those instructions a shot.
Hmm... I can't help you, but I'd love to plug into some a deez channels you're workin. Still trying to solve my problem posted here...
I haven't gotten a chance to see if that person's suggestion worked. I may also use the utility mentioned in the Microsoft article above - I took a look at it and it seems pretty straight forward.

Oh - and I gave your post a shot!
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