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Outlook 2000 can't send/receive

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this is my first post and I hope someone is kind enough to help me out with this problem.

How it happened: I had two 'Personal Folders' showing in Outlook and wanted to get rid of one (they were mirror images of each other). After consulting;en-us;278940&Product=out2K
I went to the Registry as suggested at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\username\Microsoft Outlook Internet Settings
and searched for an "001e6700" entry. The suggestion was to remove one of them.

I must have misunderstood this, because after removing one of the subfolders from the above Registry folder (one of two that contained the "001e6700" entry, I could no longer send/receive e-mail with Outlook. Next I tried to re-instate the registry folder from the backup I made, but discovered that I had made an error and backed up the wrong entry. Now I don't know the folder that I removed. It was identical to 98b0f558f8ada84bb3700943efd424dd, except for the last entry under 01023d0c, which contained a different string of binaries.

I have since tried repair, re-install and remove/install but none have re-created the missing entry.

I have switched to Outlook Express in the meantime, but would much prefer to use Outlook (with Nelson Email Organizer). If someone could help, I would be most grateful.
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What OS are you using ?
If you are using XP or ME can you use system restore to go back to before your reg edit ?
I'm using Windows 2000
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