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Outlook 10 loading forever in Windows 10

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I just recently upgraded my computer to Windows 10 but I noticed my Outlook 2010 emails have been a bit slower and then today it says loading profile when I try to open it but my emails won't open. This is not the first time that it has happened. Anyone know what it could be? I'm thinking there is something running in the background that is preventing it from opening it up.
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If what you're saying is that all you get is the "splash screen" that says "loading profile" when you launch Outlook 2010 then do a cold reboot and see if this fixes this. That is completely shutdown your computer, wait 15 seconds and then boot up again and test.

If this is not the problem then continue....

What email provider accounts do you have in Outlook 2010?

The reason I ask is because Microsoft is slowly rolling out their new accounts which use the new Exchange ActiveSync protocol that currently grants synchronizing access to Microsoft email accounts, i.e. @hotmail , @outlook, @msn, @live, @windowslive and any other free account with a mailbox at, so if any of your accounts are these then you've got to use Auto Account Setup to automatically configure your account as an Exchange account in Outlook 2010. You can then remove the old account, keeping the new account using the "Microsoft Exchange" protocol (Outlook 2010 has to be closed/opened to take effect). There is no telling when your mailbox(s) will be migrated to Exchange Online but you can expect most US based accounts to be moved by end Q1 2016 and most other accounts by Q2. The migration of all remaining accounts is targeted to be completed by the end of 2016. Make note to not uninstall the Outlook Hotmail Connector from your computer until all Microsoft accounts have been migrated over (the link suggests that you do this after adding new account, but that applies in the event you do not have any other Microsoft accounts still using the old protocol that have not been migrated over yet).

In a nutshell, what has to happen for these accounts is they have to be changed from the MAPI protocol to the Microsoft Exchange protocol (which is the change you will see in the list of accounts for these Microsoft accounts in "Account Settings" window of Outlook 2010).

You might want to take a look at this link for help on this if you're using any of the Microsoft email accounts:
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try to run outlook in the safe mode "keep holding Ctrl Key and click outlook icon " it will ask you if you want to run outlook in the safe mode , say yes .
Did this ever happen before you installed Windows 10?
I assume it will be happening because of slower internet speed. A few days back I was having the same issue in my outlook though I hadn't updated my windows but came to know it was slower internet speed. I would suggest check your internet instead of windows or you can call toll-free 800-611-2573 outlook support number. I am sure you will get your issue resolved.
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