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"OSD locked" notification keeps popping up continuously.

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Ok, I begin like this. I have a hp monitor, infront of it is written HP w17e. A month ago, a sudden notification came in my monitor,"OSD locked" and I was surprised. Later I searched what actually was OSD(I didn't knew till!),I found that it was On Screen Display,which was used to control the monitor brightness,contrast etc. Then I searched for solutions which gave me like "press the menu button for 10-20 seconds etc." I did all those but the problem persisted but now in different way!!! It begin to show OSD unlocked and every settings like brightness,contrast were adjusted without my intention i.e I explain to you as something going out of control. For eg-: sometimes it showed increasing brightness level and sometimes it showed decreasing and so on. This problem doesn't end here. Then I again locked OSD by pressing the menu button. Then for few days, it stopped showing those notifications. But again, it shows OSD locked notification. And I think I have explained my problem as far as possible I could.
And I want its fix from Tech Support Guy!!!
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It might be best to reset the monitor to factory defaults.

That normally solves most issues, considering it isn't hardware failure.
Did you follow these instructions?
Locking the OSD
To lock the OSD (onscreen display), press and hold the Menu button while the monitor is off, then press the power button to turn the monitor on.

You might want to download the manual from here
the last item, 1.19MB
When it downloads, you will have to right click the file, select properties and add .pdf
to the title so you can read it.

And I found these threads on the flashing OSD notice

Or Try a monitor reset. Unplug the monitor's power cord and hold down the monitor's power button for 30-60 seconds. Plug the monitor back in and power it up.
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