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Oprah Call Letterman!

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Anyone else watch Dave at night? I like his show, and think it's pretty funny how Oprah is ignoring him...wonder what he said to mif her off? lol
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GreenIs----I love to watch Letterman too (Leno, for me, isn't funny). Maybe the problem is Letterman having the two stagehands (Kenny & someone else whose name I can't recall) reading transcripts from Oprah's shows. It just cracks me up! I've never seen Oprah's show but I have watched interviews and you can tell she is very thin skinned. She'll never call Letterman (I may end up eating those words) and you know Letterman is going to milk it for all its worth. Remember, he did the same thing with Hillary Clinton when she was running for the Senate and at first she refused to come on his show.
Green Is,
How was the munchkin's birthday?? I know the answer but am a little sketchy on the details...He was at lunch with a friend when he noticed she was across the room having lunch with her other half ..This was just about the time she made Forbes list about the richest..I don't remember if he just waved or sent a bottle of wine over to her but contact was established..

He went on with lunch and when the bill came , he motioned over to the waiter and said ..His good friend Oprah would take care of it and left with his companion..His version of a joke

Moral ..don't ever stick on of the most influential woman with the tab...
That's right! I remember hearing about that! LOL Oprah was all ticked off about it too. Ya that's got to be it. Dave has to pay her back for the bill or something. LOL
She's a tough cookie but as you siad she is thin skined, very sensitive woman.

If Dave does get on her show, I'll definately watch it.

My son's birthday went really well. Thanks for asking. He got more then enough and to think, Christmas is just around the bend. He'll definately be learning how to give up some toys to other kids this year...otherwise I'll need a bigger house.LOL.
Yep , thin skinned is right just ask David Fratzen(sp?) an author who didn't want to be a "trend" ..The backlash from that was pretty severe..
I am glad your Munchkin had a good time on his B/day..My mom's on Xmas..Jipped, she was!!
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