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Opinions on XP

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I've been going through the support forums and I've noticed a lot of problems with the XP OS and office. I went to a Microsoft seminar on the XP but according to them it's the second coming. What do you think?
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Of course they think it's the second coming.....would they actually admit that their product is a black hole. I haven't tried it as my system isn't up to snuff for the installation. Just the product activation and the snoopware OS crap that I rreally don't care for and won't buy it just for that reason. When someone tells me I can't install some piece of software i purchaced on more than one PC in my house they don't get my business.

I have seen a lot of posts concerning XP errors also and shake my head at how the sheeple line up to install it when all the bugs haven't even been worked out. I think MS should pay us to beta test their software because we pay in the long run for lost productivity and lost data.

My exwife tells me it is "the cats meaw" super stable and she loves it....she works with it daily and her workplace bought a contract thingy that included XP.......

She is very much like the rest of us I suppose, skeptical about these kinda propriatory things and told me she fought with the idea at first, now she loves it.

I tell her easy when you don't pay for it, and she tells me I don't have a clue............she may be right about that because she got most everything including the boat when we decided to split up. LOL

I wonder if Bill and Company has inplaced a brainwash quality of the subliminal type...........:rolleyes:

I really think it may still be too soon to say, although I know it's here to stay.....

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I fully agree that a lot of people are too quick to jump on the "new" band wagon and then you have problems. Plus let's make them richer by purchasing the licensing and then let's have to contact MS for the activation codes and then let's all jump thru a hoop. Sorry got on a roll.:rolleyes:
Keep on rollin' cause so far there is three of us here that agree, can we make it four?..........going once, twice.......

I don't have a clue.
DS did you really want me to comment on this??? Let's see, I've been picked on how many times??? This would be so easy but it would get me in that hot water you were talking about in another thread.

As far as the XP, I also want to wait until the bugs are out. At least some of the bugs since I don't think it will ever be bug free. I'm sure that there are people out there that haven't had any problems but that doesn't mean it isn't coming. I just couldn't believe all the requests for help on the support sites. I can't help them since I don't how to fix that.
My opinion:
I absolutely love Windows XP Pro but I am not too keen on Office XP at all (yet).
I absolutely love Windows XP Pro
How is it for you? I guessing you're one of the lucky ones without problems. Are you having problems with the office version? Nosey aren't I, but I'm interested.:)
I just don't like some of the 'enhancements' - or lack of - in Office XP. They removed several features (net folders, microsoft mail, etc - though there are work arounds for some) and others just seem as though they don't work correctly or are simply confusing to many users. I suppose the way some things actually function are the same as previous versions but the interface for some things is totally different. I had to install it on my laptop just to help some of my clients with questions.
Interesting I've noticed the same thing where XPee is concerned I was going to reply first here and in PM land with hewee I said.............

"You go ahead hewee because I've no clue about where things are in XP" ......He didn't either but he tried and got him a link I applaud this......

I'm just not wanting to go there until I have "hands on" and that goes for whatever it may be related to.

XPee......clueless I remain, waiting for the jury to return a verdic.

OMG, Two "Pack" fans here now................:D

I guess I didn't answer your question about Windows XP Pro. I, personally, haven't had any real problems. I don't like how Microsoft no longer supports Netbeui (though you can install it off the cd) because it makes accessing shares on other computers a pain in the butt until you do get netbeui installed.
I really didn't have any probs with hardware or software incompatibilities. The install found the correct drivers for most everything. I think I needed to update my antivirus software and haven't yet gotten any software for my cd-rw (XP has limited built-in capabilities that have worked for me just fine so far).
I will admit that I still dual boot with Windows 2000 because I didn't have any problems with that OS either. I think I'll keep them both around for awhile.

XP Pro has yet to crash on me and I really have no complaints. I appreciated that much more last night when I was loading Windows 98 on another computer (for someone else) and had problems (crashes, errors, etc) installing some software. Got it worked out but relieved that I don't have to use unstable Windows 98 anymore.
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What I find interesting is that you can do an install on one pc without any problems and then another on the exact same pc does nothing but give you problems.

From what I've seen on the support forums regarding the XP a lot of drivers aren't found for the different hardware that needed to be installed. We use TCP/IP and an NT site here and I really don't have a lot of experience with NetBeui. My home pc has 98 and I completely understand about the problems since I've had to redo this machine at least three times since I got it two years ago.

I think that I will wait until the jury is completely in on this OS and Office product. I'm not that fond of bugs. Thanks for your opinion angel.:cool:
I've actually heard some good things about Windows XP.

Maybe there's a built in program in XP that brainwashes people into thinking that XP is great ??

Or maybe it really is good ?

I sure hope it isn't as stable as people claim. I may have to start looking for a new job then !! ;)
I sure hope it isn't as stable as people claim. I may have to start looking for a new job then !!
Is there any doubt about stable. I think your job is very secure if not with XP then all the previous OS and office products that are still around. And if I'm not mistaken didn't they all promise stability????? :)
Very true littlemar.

But it seems that XP may actually be able to deliver on that promise (3rd time's the charm ??).

Eventually I will have to get myself a copy and see what it's all about. I'm kind of reluctant to throw it on my home PC though and we don't have any current plans here at work to upgrade to it. :(
1st off DS you listen to an ex, come on bud thought we knew ya better than that...just jokin with ya - I actually get along much better with mine now.

Mary you hit it on the head "works great on one PC and the exact same config gets all kinds of problems" or words to that effect.

Angel glad your install went smooth.

OK livin right down the road from Billy & co. (no Mr. Gates I will not work for you - that's not just a flippent remark, been there, done that) the strangest fenom i've run across with XPee (thanks DS, like that) is vendors that are charging for their drivers needed, hey these were free for 9x, 2K you even supported 3.1 for quite a while, whats up with that??:confused:
I just installed XP last night...

The install went very smoothly with no problems. Activation (once I manually setup internet) took literally 5 seconds. Just two clicks.

As much as I hate ME, it does boot fast. XP boots slowly.

BUT now my firewire scanner doesn't work. I think this is my biggest complaint - hardware & software incompatibility. I went to look at the list of UMAX scanners that WIA supports - my scanner wasn't there. So I'm screwed - end of story. :(

I didn't get a chance to test my CDRW or my printer, but I'm scared.

<sigh> what else can you do?
As Rikku discovered, anyone considering installing XP should first run the XP compatibility test which is available on the CD and from Microsoft. You can also run a scaled down version here at PCPitstop. It will tell you if any of your software/hardware may not be compatible. Although I was a little scared with some of what it listed for me, I was willing to take the chance and XP did find the appropriate drivers and updates. This should not be assumed however.

"I actually get along much better with mine now"

Interesting how that works ain't it? They get it all, and now we can be best friends and get along just fine. ;)

........easy on me ladies, I'm still licking my wounds here. :rolleyes:

This little tune comes to mind......

Women are Smarter

Let us put men and women together
to see which one is smarter
Some say men but I say no,
The women got the men like a puppet show

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Ever since the world began,
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Give it up, don't try to understand


This one too..........

Foolish Heart

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But never give your love, my friend
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Unto a foolish heart....


Hey what can I say now that hasn't been covered here yet, Still love the girl hard not need to be angry either because people do grow apart sometimes.

I recall a line in a Woodie Allen flic where he and Diane Keaton part ways......."Love is like a shark, it needs to continually move forward or it will die."

I didn't mean to go sappy on you guys, but I'll stand by all I just said and quoted. One good thing I know for a fact is when the chips are down and the bets are in my ex-wife would put everything, including her life on the line for me, and that is a good feeling to know that.

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