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Operating system not working

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I need some assistance in this.
Last night I downloaded netbeans application and then some other extra files started to open up so I went to setting, control panel and uninstalled the application and then I accidentally uninstalled Microsoft office. Then I googled how to restore back the app and went to setting and clicked restore and in the morning when I saw it was still loading and when it restarted back it says blue screen error( critical error) then I have to a technical assistance and ask them to fix it so they tried to go to save mode but the couldn’t and also they ran a test on hard disk and it says it’s healthy but the operation system is not working. The tried to login to the windows using a outer program as well but it says access denied . And when tried to use system restore point method. It says that “system restore did not complete successfully. Your computer system files and settings were not changed”

I don’t know how to enter into the home screen.. please need your assistance in this, as I have alots of documentation inside. I hope you could help me ASAP.
Your assistance would be really appreciated
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Okay, a little difficult to piece together, but I think I understand. Honestly (and this is an educated guess without further info), it sounds like you may have downloaded malware that damaged your system. What are the specs for your machine? What was the critical error? Where did you get the netbeans download from? Do you have an antivirus enabled on your machine? Do you remember anything about the "extra files" that were opening?

Most importantly, do you have a backup of the data on your computer before this happened?
Please follow the guide below to see if you can get into command prompt:
  1. Download and create a Windows 10 USB/DVD if needed.
  2. Boot from your Windows 10 install media USB/DVD
  3. Select your language preferences and click Next
  4. Click on Repair your computer link at the bottom of the box
  5. From the "Choose an option screen," select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt
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