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Opera or netscape/Am having problems with ie explorer

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I have been getting invalid page fault errors, and fatal exception explorer is trying to close program etc....I tried to have ie explorer repair itself, restarted the computer, and I got back to the desktop, but now could not connect to the internet. I had a one month old backup registry copy on the desktop, restored that, and everything seems to work. Since I am having problems with ie explorer, I was thinking of going to Opera or Netscape....Which do you folks think is best and which version of Opera? Their new version is 6,0 but I have heard it is buggy.....Also, is there a way to toggle between both Ie explorer and Opera? How do you change from one that is default to the other? I hope someone can help with these questions....Thanks....:confused:
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You will most likely run into similar problems with what ever browser as invalid page fault errors most often are caused by software conflicts or memory problems.
You may want to READ THIS for some more information.

BTW: I use both IE & NS 4.75 and have had equal problems with both.
Opera 5 is very stable, I use it as an alternate myself. You can leave IE as your default and just invoke Opera manually using the Start Menu, or vice versa.
Thanks Dan O and TrishAA for your help...Are there any tricks to know to download Opera properly?....Thanks again....;)

Do you have a good link for http://invalid page fault errors
Mr. Ed:

I use Opera for 95% of my web surfing (IE5 for the other 5%) and have been using Opera since Windows 3.1 days. In my opinion, Opera 6 is no more or less buggy than any other windows application program; they all have locked up my machine at one time or another, especially MS Word. When I was having a lot of problems similar to what you report, it was due to a faulty Win98SE installation that eventually deteriorated to where nothing would run. Reinstalling Win98SE did not help, so I wiped the HD and started over. Things are fairly stable now: only 2 or 3 crashes per week rather than 4 or 5 per day. (My all-time record is 8 blue screens in a half hour, but that was caused by a faulty printer driver.)
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