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Opening my Hotmail

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Does anybody have any thoughts about why I can open my hotmail account via AOL but when I try to open it via IE5.5 I get a "page cannot be displayed" message? That's been going on for a few days now. thanks, grandpaw7
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Try the following
1) clear out all your internet cache: In explorer go to [tools]-> [internet options] and clear all the stuff under "temporary internet files"
If that doesnt work,
2) Update to IE 6
3) Get rid of aol! (couldnt resist)
TheWeaselBoy, 1 and 2 didn't fix the problem and I'm wed to AOL for a while. Think of anything else? Of course, Hotmail no longer provides a way to contact it with problems unless it's to get a passwor reminder or complain about junk mail.

Just before I implemented your suggestions I tried to open Hotmail via AOL, which I had been able to do. But not that time. After I finished your suggestions, I still couldn't open Hotmail via IE6 and while I could get to Hotmail's opening page via AOL I couldn't get to my inbox.

Maybe I'm using the wrong cusswords.

LOL, yes try russian swears, it really gets the machines angry....
I am not familiar with aol past version 3, but i assume there is some way to clean out the internet cache in aol as well, try poking around for settings in the menus, and if you see something that you THINK may be it, post it here and i will do the research to find out what it does.
AOL has a tutorial on deleting temporary files and history. It takes me to that internet options window where I do the same thing as with IE. AOL doesn't say anything about deleting cookies.

However, I still can't connect to Hotmail via IE, and still have to use the AOL browser to do that. Any more thoughts?

I can't find a way to complain to Hotmail. If anyone reading this knows of a way, please let me know. Hotmail used to have a cumbersome way to do this but apparently no longer has that.

Thanks, grandpaw7
Going back over TheWeaselBoy's last post, I'm wondering now if I correctly understood it. I took it be just want me to delete temporary files in aol. But I'm not sure I understood TheWeaselBoy's comment "try poking around for settngs in the menus, and if you see something that you THINK may be it, post it here and I will do the research to find out what it does." Is the poking around I am do to find a way to cache in Aol, or am I missing something? I did find a way and implemented it. What is it I should post so TheWeaselBoy can research what it does? Sorry if I'm not making any sense. Thanks, grandpaw7
Boy, I'm a busy little guy, aren't I? Now I'm wondering if, when I use aol to connect but use Ie to browse, I need to do something more than going to Dos and using smartdrv to delete temporaries, cookies and history. Do I have to somehow do two such operations, one for AOl and one for ie? grandpaw7
Fooled you. I don't have anything more to say. grandpaw7
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