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Opening a new folder in its own WINDOW. How to???

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Because my desktop had become so cluttered, I made up some new folders to store some of the shortcuts to many of my programs, image files etc....

Now, these folders that contain these shortcuts I keep rather small and when I click on one of the shortcuts.... it opens up in the same window, same size and all.

Is there a way I could set it up so when I click on some of these shortcuts within the folder, that a NEW window will open up, and also open maximized.

Thanks in advance


PIII 450Mhz Win 98se
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You should be able to do that, but I'm not sure if Win98se and WinME are the same in that respect. In control panel there is a folder called "Folder". When you open it up you will see a place to click that says "open in new window".
In Win 98 you have to click Start, scoll up to Settings and Folder Options will be there.
Once in FOLDER OPTIONS on the General Tab click CUSTOM BASED ON SETTINGS I CHOOSE. Then click SETTINGS. There you can set different preferences including OPEN EACH FOLDER IN IT'S OWN WINDOW.

Let us know if that helps.
Thanks for the replies.... yes WALK, your suggestion definitly did the trick. I selected the option of opening a folder in it's own window.

Thanks again :)

Thanks for the reply, glad we could help!

Have a Nice Day!
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