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Only safe mode startup

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I was installing a new NIC. Put it in, blah blah, turned on my computer, and it froze at the win 98 screen. Restarted and went to the safe mode menu.

I tried to start it up thru normal again, and it just restarted on me. Again and again trying to boot up normally it just restarts on me, or freezes.

So i start it up in safe mode, dont know really what to do. I defraged the comp, scan disk for errors, nothing.

I uninstalled the NIC. No help. I get a win xp cd and hope to just install win xp and maybe it will work. Well, my computer is not fidning my cd-rom drive. When in safe mode, i see them on the Hardware list??

So basically I cannot do anything except get into safe mode. I do not know what to do from here.

From what I have typed, is there any suggestions any of you may have? Im desperate, i dont want to take it in and get it serviced. But if it comes to that????

I thought about reformatting and installing everything new, but that would suck cuz i have lots of files i need to back up and my cd-r drive isnt being found!!!!!
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If you have a boot disk, you could boot to that, then do a scanreg /restore to see if you can restore to your old regisrty.

If you don't have a boot disk (which will load a CD ROM driver) go to and DL one.

Let us know how it goes.

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