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OneNote sharepoint loading and running slow

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Hello all,

At work we are having an issue with OneNote for one of our departments. The OneNote online takes an extremely long time to load. often several minutes and sometimes it can take hours. The notebook in question doesn't even have a great deal on it. Once it loads it is slightly sluggish in changing pages or scrolling. Not only is it taking a long time to load, it will often stop and it will say " is not responding due to a long-running script" and you then have to click "stop script" and it goes through the whole load process again. All other department notebooks work correctly. Please help.
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Since the OneNote is loading slowly then either your internet connection is slower or your notebook is using system animations. Some system animations don't work well with some devices so disable them.
Thanks for your reply. It cannot be the internet connections. We have 1 Gigabit and as I said everyone else can access their notebooks properly. As for system animations, we have the same settings across all the onenote notebooks but only this one departments is going slow. We run on VM's with GB RAM. I don't know how to disable these animations if that is indeed the problem.
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I see large tables being the primary thread among the slowness issues . If your SharePoint is set up with 'towers' for each divisions there will be different performance per division. SharePoint / OneNote were not designed for 'heavy lifting', it's for small group collaboration. Many organization (or departments within) start using them, like it then throw too much on it.

Never worked with onenote but work with SharePoint group some, tables with over 5000 rows are targets for moving to different platform. Normal but heavy traffic make indexing (everything in SharePoint is inside SQL) a nightly job rather hourly. These product were not intended to run a large Enterprise (without spending a ton of money).
Thanks for the reply draceplace. Well the largest page they have is perhaps 1500 lines at most with nothing fancy on it. I tested moving the page that it normally loads(the 1500 line one) up on to another notebook in the one note app, then synced the two and tried to load the department online notebook and it actually loaded in 2-3 seconds. If this larger page is the issue, it would likely cause the issue even if I copied all its content onto a new page and then deleted the original, right? What are your thoughts?
As mentioned I've got no OneNote to relate to (i.e. don't really know what I'm talking about). But what you say (a big one opens fast enough) indicates users may be leaving these things open and as they open more then it slows down?

What version is this..SP and 1Note? Is SP running a farm with sites?
OneNote is current version. SharePoint is from 2016 office 365. As for moving slow because users aren't closing it, that can't be the case. I have tried it when everyone has gone home and they have logged off their VM's, which would close any online instance. So it goes slow even when I am the only one trying to accessing it.
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