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When pressing button to turn on computer, it lights up & Ican hear the noise (fan?) for about 3 seconds then shuts off. Local service first said it was power box, had new one put in. Still the same, then he said it's the motherboard. Had that replaced also. I had no problem for about 1 month. Then, the same thing started to happen. Turn it on and shuts off.
I took it back to service. He kept it for a day. He told me he had no Problem turning it on & staying on the whole time he had it. Took the tower home, tried it and didn't work for me. I finally got it on by repeatedly pressing the button numerous times until finally it stayed on. I shut it off after using the computer. The next day again it wouldn't stay on.Took it back to service, again it worked every time for him. Took it home, tried it and it stayed on for me this time.
For about 2 months it worked great. Was able to turn it on and off and on again with no problem. All of a sudden the problem started again. If I take it back to local service again and it stays on for him, he will do nothing. So, I decided to press the button over & over until it stayed on.
Now I keep it on. I log off but I do not shut it off.
Can anyone help me with this problem? I paid the local service for what he did, but doesn't he still have a responsibility to find out what the problem is? Maybe it wasn't the power box or motherboard, I really don't know,but I would appreciate it someone out there can could help me with this problem.
Thank you
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IF the shop can't reproduce the problem I don't know what they could do. Maybe it's something in yoru enviroment. How is your electricity at home? Does the comptuer sit on carpet (static build up maybe?). It could be a short in your hardware attached to the pc, keyboard, mouse, power cord, usb devices, monitor etc.
And you need to check and make sure your outlet is properly grounded and everything is correct in the outlet.
you can get a tester for a few dollars;
Also it is very important to have a good surge protector and that it is working and not been hit with to many surges, one hard surge and they are most likely toast.
I buy a new one every year and add it to my daisy chain, I have three in a row oldest first.
I have not had any fried hardware in 5 years since I started doing this.
Thank you for your quick reply. You could possibly be right. As far as I know we have no problem with our electricity. But, maybe it could be the surge. The one I have is 5 yrs old. I will buy a new one to see if that solves the problem. If it works, that means I never needed a new motherboard to begin with. Thanks again.

If that doesnt help you may look at the on / off switch on the tower
Well it may have very well been fried,
FYI parts of it can fry and still kinda sorta work and not do what you need to.
They should have given you your old parts back if not demand that they do so...
there is no
guarantee they will be the correct ones though.
next time do some research before taking it to a shop check for references shop around etc...

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