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older laptop drive removal

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I have an old 586 , 133 mhz mitsubishi Amity Vp pen tablet and need to change the hard drive. After carefully taking it apart the current fujitsu 2.5 in drive seems to be taped to the motherboard and will not come out.
no drive caddy .
I tried to gently heat it with a hair dryer and still will not budge
any suggestions?


Jasper in Alabama
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It's probably put on with foam tape, the only suggestion I can come up with without seeing the thing in person is to apply heat and use a wide plastic blade to gently try to pry it off.
Thanks Johnwill,
The drive doesn't seem to have a foam tape on it rather a clear tape
that is double sided

I had afriend suggest I get some adhesive remover from Radio shack and try that.

wish me luck
I'd be somewhat cautious as to what kind of solvents you start swabbing on the PC board, it might not take to kindly to it. :) I've never seen any variety of tape that didn't soften with a bit of heat.
I heated it with a hair dryer until it was too hot to touch and still stuck
firm. I tried a small amount of solvent as well and it also seemed to have absolutely no effect.
at least I am not out a lot of money only spent 129.00 for the computer.
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