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I'm going to update this as we go along... if you have suggestions, just start a thread! :)

- Teach TechBot to use first post of a thread when creating a new one. (3/18/2005)
- Create Articles section. (9/4/2004)

- Use thumbnails so extra-large pictures so they don't stretch the page. (4/10/2004, done 6/3/2005)
- Split attachments off to new server? (started 3/21/2005, done 6/3/2005)
- Limit PM and Email ability of new users (4/5/2005, done 4/6/05)
- Limit number of new threads for new users (3/2/2005, done 3/4/2005)
- Bring back the Birthday hack! (2/2/2005, done same day!)
- Add Affero links back to the site (4/6/2004, done 1/7/2005!)
- Send PM when getting returned emails from ISP. (11/19/2004, done 11/20/2004!)
- Allow thread starter to mark thread solved. (4/7/2004, done 9/18/2004!)
- Adapt the new layout for the rest of the site. (4/6/2004, done 9/2/2004!)
- Try to find a way to let users turn off email notifications for Random. (4/6/2004)
- Change text in Report Posts. (4/6/2004)
- Put CSS in files for faster downloading. (4/6/2004)
- Make links to posts point to the thread instead of just the post. Example: (4/7/2004, think this is done now!)
- Show user's home time zone in profile (4/7/2004, look above Birthday in profiles)
- Add Spell Check to post edit and PM (4/7/2004)
- Try to hack my cute little camera icon back in for people with pics in their profile. (4/8/2004, Got this one working!!!)
- Move bottom Post Reply button to the right? (4/8/2004, also had to move the "Page 2 of 3" thing.)
- Fixed variable font sizes for old browsers... (4/8/2004, I hope so at least!)
- Detect bouncing emails somehow and stop sending notifications to that user. (4/9/2004)
- Allow users to shut off mouse-over preview in threadbit. (4/10/2004, under User Options in your User CP - "Show Thread Preview")
- Get rid of the confirm receipt alert on PM. (4/14/2004, look for the checkbox below the message of your PM)
- Have 404s go to an error page, rather than back to a broken Forums index. (4/20/2004).
- Inform Candy of new photos! (4/17/2004)
- Require new users to post a bit before using PMs, so that spammers will be less likely to spam via PM. (5/1/2004)
- Show last 15 searches. (5/1/2004)
- The brand new TSG Arcade! (5/1/2004)
- Allow for "New Posts" with or without Discussions. (5/4/2004)
- Let users post their level of experience (4/28/2004, under User CP - Edit Profile and offered during Registration)
- Upgrade to latest version of VB3. (7/8/2004)

- Add counter for Discussion vs. Tech forums. (4/6/2004, Decided we don't really need this.)
- Fix bug in forum subscriptions (4/14/2004, fixed at some point before 3/5/2005 by vBulletin)

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I had a heck of a week, but I hope to get back to doing some work around here between real work. :)
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