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Old Asus Motherboard Bulging capacitors and other Troubles

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While cleaning it, getting it ready for a better case i noticed x5 capacitors bulging 3 are leaking slightly 2 are definitely leaking.

All the capacitors in question are close proximity to the CPU for reasons I have yet to know.

All capacitors the same type read: HD(M) 105°C H0319 1500uf 6.3v

I was thinking of replacing these myself but I've never done this before. I know there's no point in replacing them without first trouble shooting everything else with the multi meter which i do have.

The power supply for the motherboard in question was: ELEMENTS 2003 era Model: AP-350X 350w ATX which also has one bulging capacitor i can't see the numbers on.

I have another older seemingly better built power supply from 1999 era that powered an old Intel Pentium iii. Hasn't failed anywhere yet that i can tell. Enhance ATX-1123B 230 watts. I was thinking of swapping it if possible. If testing on the original power supply doesn't turn out so good which i assume is the case i wanna swap it with this one despite it being underpowered. Is it considered underpowered?

What else is there to trouble shoot when replacing capacitors on a motherboard?

What type of soldering / de-soldering tool is ideal for this? The wattage of the tool? Source for replacement capacitors?

And i know i can probably find the same or better mother board on Ebay for $10 but i'm obviously not trying to do that.

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