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Old and confused

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Hello all,
My problem is that I have a HP Pavillion d7 Lap Top that was loaded with Windows “Vista”. Now my HD is fried, I want to replace it. I know I can purchase a new HD pre-loaded with Windows 10. I know I can do the installation, but the new loaded HD does not come with a “Product Key”. Can I use the “Product Key” that came with Windows “Vista” that is on the bottom of the Laptop? Any and all help and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you in advance,


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You need to buy a Windows 10 key. Make sure first that your laptop is compatible to run Windows 10 and if there are any drivers available.
The Laptop had Windows 10 that was downloaded from MICROSOFT as a free upgrade. Do I go to Microsoft to buy the Product Key?
If you had a legal win10 install on this system, you do not need to do anything. Just clean install win10. Note it must be the same version ie home or pro. When you get to the screen where it says to type in your key, just click the "I do not have a key" box.
When you are done with the install, win10 will contact a MS server and verify your install and it will then be activated.
The Laptop had Windows 10 that was downloaded from MICROSOFT as a free upgrade
Do understand that there is no free upgrade from vista. You would have had to have had a legal win7 install to get an upgrade to 10.

You have a HP Pavilion dv7t-2000 Entertainment Notebook PC 17.3" laptop which was introduced in 2008.
Yours originally came with Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.
It supports the use of Windows Vista and Windows 7, but not Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
Because of its age, HP no longer has a functional support site for it.

RickHII - I have deleted your second attachment in your first post as it showed the product key, which could be used illegally by others.
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