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Hi all, name is Richard and I am from GA.

I have been using computers for about 11 years now.

I consider myself intermediate I suppose. I have never really had the extra money to take my computer to the shop everytime something would go wrong, so I would just search online and try and figure out how to fix it myself.

Sometimes it has been good and there are others that it has been bad, but I would have to say that I do have a pretty good track record if I say so myself.

I am not what you would call a "TechGeek" because although I am infatuated with computers, I have never went to school and I don't live and breathe specs.

I don't have to have the fastest processor or the best video card. As long as it will turn on for me and let me do what I want to do, which is pretty much just surf the net and occasionally mess with Photoshop, then I am happy.

I do want to say thank you to the owners for creating this site. To the mods. and other admins. for keeping it in check (I am a forum mod. on two sites as well, so I know what is involved). And to the computer experts out there that answer peoples questions and help them to get their equipment going especially when they can't afford to take it to a shop.

I am sure I will be pretty regular on the site since I am now disabled and don't have much to do. Maybe a few of us will have some stuff in common and this can be a new hangout for me..

I also may have some advice myself for some people ;)

Keep up the good work and please say hi.

Oh, BTW.....Name is Richard, but I am used to being called "Ace" on another forum, so feel free.......
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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