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Offline appointment reminder wanted

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Could someone please suggest an offline appointment reminder program for personal use? I do not want an elaborate program that synchs with my email or cell-phone; just something that will pop-up a reminder on my desktop, two days before a dental appointment and maybe the morning of the appointment. I would enter all appointments manually. It would be nice if it kept a long-term record of my appointments after the due dates.

I would hope there would be free software for this purpose, as there is for many other purposes.
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are you using any email programs already ?

as you could use that program
Yes, I am using Google's gmail. I know Google offers an online calendar, but I do not wish online storage of my appointments. I do not travel, and that is not necessary for me. Further, I want to be able to access my appointments without having to be connected to an ISP.

Thanks for your interest.
see what those programs in the link are like, i dont have a recommendation at all for any of those listed

- as i use thunderbird for email and calendar which works offline and with no ISP
I am downloading Rainlendar Lite (free) now. I shall post what I find. Maybe this first of five choices will do it! Thanks!
when you install - ,make sure you check what other programs may be included with the main program - if a default or standard setting is offered - see if there is a customise setting - so you can deselect any rubbish programs also being offered and which may be installed using the default settings
A good suggestion, of which I was mindful. After spending a shameful amount of time searching, I could not find the means of setting an advance notification of an appointment I entered. I have given up and shall try another program.

Sometimes, in a free version, the author leaves out a feature that is significant. Maybe this is the case with alarm setting. Or, maybe I am just senile.
I tried ICalendar Lite. It had an alarm, just one, but one would have been enough. Also, it included, without choice, every single date that any president has ever declared as special plus a variety of religious holidays, as red-letter days. Still, hard-up for a calendar, I was willing to go along. When I re-booted, the calendar did not appear automatically, as I think a good calendar should. I tried to start the program from my start list, but it would not start and Windows could not fix it. I deleted it. On to the next offering.
Well, I see I have exhausted the list, because the last of the five is for Linux only. I guess I shall have to rely on my doctor's telephone gal to remind me of my upcoming appointments. They are good about that. After all, if I do not show, Medicare does not pay!

Thanks! (If I find a good program, free, I'll pass it on)
quite a few people on the web seem to rate rainlendar

so i installed it
clicked on a date
and then clicked on the image of an alarm clock
and there you can set various alarms

see screenshot


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etaf: I reinstalled rainlander 2, and found the clock and alarm, just as you kindly imaged it.

As Sherlock Holmes said to Dr. Watson, "You see but do not observe." Clearly you are Holmes, and I am Watson!

Thanks much to you and TSG.
your welcome, let us know how it works out for you after a few appointments, I have uninstalled and not tried any further
but other may find any feedback useful
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