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Office xp & win98

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Just installed Office XP Pro with front page on to my PC, os is Win98SE.
If I try to insert Clip Art or use word Art I get following message.

WINWORD caused a general protection fault
in module 3DFX16V3.DRV at 0008:00000258.
EAX=000052c4 CS=03bf EIP=00000258 EFLGS=00000246
EBX=0061300a SS=6d6f ESP=000051ee EBP=00005208
ECX=00000004 DS=6d6f ESI=000052c4 FS=52ff
EDX=00016d6f ES=0000 EDI=00000000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
f3 66 a5 1f 8b d8 8e c2 66 26 8b 47 14 c4 5e 0c
Stack dump:
474a044f 000152c4 52d62326 00014d0c 133224f8 0000474a 52220000 03b71fcd 52c41388 00006d6f 044f0000 fbbe474a 00000000 04585240 00000427 52c40000

Anyone getting at me already!!!
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Sometimes, you'll find the answer quickly by searching for the error. In this case, I only searched for the filename. :)
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