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Office deactivated on my replacement computer

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6 months ago I bought a new HP laptop to replace my desktop PC which crashed and got tossed out. I have had a copy of Office 2019 for about 3 years and re-installed it on my new laptop and have been using it for 4 months with no problem. I then got a deactivation notice and I completely deleted the Office app and re-inistalled it. It has been working well for a month or two and today I got another deactivation message. I was able to re-enter the product key and it looked like it accepted it but when I tried to work on a document, it was still deactivated. From reading the Microsoft website, I have figured out that when I trashed my dead computer I should have deleted that copy of Office. But that was impossible since it was totally broken. How can I get to talk to someone at Microsoft who can revise or replace my Product Key so I can continue to use my Office DVD? Or is there a method/process to do that myself?
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Do you get to an activation screen? Maybe like this:
Rectangle Font Screenshot Software Operating system

Or, maybe this will help?

Font Rectangle Screenshot Number Parallel
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Do you get to an activation screen? Maybe like this:
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Or, maybe this will help?

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Thanks for the phone number that got me right into the right plac. Altough it was a fully automated dialogue and took 15 minute, it got my DVD copy re-activated. Success !! Thanks again.

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