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OE2002 problems. No send/receive

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I have an old PC running old XP and use OE2002. All has run faultlessly for years hence no upgarde to newer OS and software.

Today I came to chek my emails and an unknown error came up whch I feel is probably due to an overful .pst folder. I also can't archive or delete messages hence me thinking that this could be the source of the problem.

Is there anyone out there that could perhaps walk me through a solution to this problem I have please?

Thank you.
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What is OE2002? OE generally refers to Outlook Express but there's no 2002 version. Outlook Express also doesn't have PST files but Outlook does. Please clarify what program you are using.

Also, post the exact wording of the error and where it occurs.
Hello Triple6. Thanks for the reply.

And yes, I must apologise. Of course its Outlook 2002 (SP3). I've got the programme open now and when I press send/receive it checks all the accts but doesn't down or upload the messages.

ie: 'Send/receive status' - then very quickly goes to 'Send/recieve complete'. I'm sorry but I can't get the programme to repeat the error code. It was something like 0x80002C. I've tried closing outlook and reopening to repeat the error code but with no luck.

I've also tried to send several test messages to myself now with no luck in sending or receiving.

Sorry again for the confusion.
An update. This dialogue box just opened up.....pressed archive button hours ago!

Error while archiving folder 'Inbox' in store 'Personal Filders'. the file C:\Documents and settings\Home\Local\ Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\2011.pst has reached is maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that yoiu no longer need, then permanenetly (shift+del) delete them.

So, do I go to the .pst folder as specified in the path above or the folder in the programme? Its not clear what I do to reduce the file size. If I do open the folder as specified, can i recognise messages easily
as I would in normal outlook format?

Finally, I guess I need to do some housekeeping woork here. Any advice in this regard would be great.

Outlook XP(2002) and older have a 2GB limit on the PST file. This limit doesn't exist in newer versions.

You can create a new PST to move some of the emails, or delete emails you don't need. Then do a compact:

Is 2011.pst you main Outlook file or a secondary PST file you use for archiving?

You can have multiple PST files to keep your email sorted and under this limit. You can also use the built in Archive feature to move older emails to another "Archive" PST file but be aware that that 2GB limit also applies to every PST.
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