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OE-6 virus

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I am running IE 6, Win 98, Outlook Express 6, Sygate firewall and NAV, with all the definitions updated.

I am getting messages in my email saying I have sent emails with viruses
to other people. I have not sent any email to the people they reference.

I ran my NAV scan and it showed no virus. I ran Housecall and it showed no virus. I ran RAV and it showed 3 infected files and 2 viruses in email and cleaned them.

Today I got the same type message in my email that I had sent email with viruses to people I had never sent email to. I ran RAV again and they gave me the same 3 infected files and 2 viruses in email but would not clean.
NAV still does not detect anything.

I tried running Panda but it would not load the definitions.

I must have a worm or a trojan but NAV is my anti virus and is not detecting.

I need help on getting rid of this and advice on what to use to keep from getting it again.

Many thanks...
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Sounds suspiciously like someone who has you in their address book has the Netsky virus, but it isn't you :D

Your Hijack this log looks clean apart from one aspect and that is that your winsock is damaged

Go to this page, download and run LSPFix

Click the box that says I know what I am doing and then click B

Restart your computer and post a fresh Hijack this log when done
Nor am I, still loads to learn, .....but I'm getting there :D
That looks clean.:D It isn't you that has the virus, though remember not to open any of those that you receive
As I said you haven't got the virus

The virus works something like this:

You = A

Friend = B

Friend of a friend = C

Both A & C are in B's address book
B contracts Netsky virus

Netsky searches B's Address book and finds A & C's address

Netsky sends virus from B to C using A's address in the senders field

C's mail servers antivirus picks up virus and bounces back email to A, as IT thinks that A is the one who sent the email.

A gets confused as you don't know C

B does know C, but does not know that he/she has netsky
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You're welcome! I just wish people would use the AV's they install on their systems
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