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Odd phones showing up on my laptop under network devices

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Lately I've been seeing odd, random phones showing up under my Network (screenshot attached). There's one that keeps showing up but no one in my household has that type of device. The others are random and it seems like there's always a new one. The other day one came on called "Leapfrog", then another one called "full biscuit" and the list goes on. Today I get this one. I can get the MAC ID but no IP Address. My computer recently got hacked with a bad virus so I'm wondering if someone is "Spying" on me. Once I catch the phone, I open it up, get the information I can, and take a screenshot. Once I do this the phone automatically disappears. But this one in particular, when I saw it, it went away and a few minutes later it appeared again. Why? Thank you very much for your help!!


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If you are using WPA or WPA2 encryption with a reasonably strong passphrase and haven't told it to a bunch of people you shouldn't have to worry about anybody connecting to your network.

Interestingly, when I just now brought up Network in File Explorer I had a "full biscuit," which disappeared after I checked Properties (something about Amazon).

I was also surprised to see that my iPhone, which definitely is connected, doesn't show up.

Just guessing, but I'm wondering if those random phones are ones trying to connect. If, for example, there are people walking by their phones will detect the Wi-Fi, try to connect, discover that it is not an open (non-secured) network, and abandon the attempt.
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Wow!! Amazing!! Hmm. Well thank you for your time, I appreciate it.
You're welcome. :)

Do NOT mark this Solved yet, as others may have other ideas/knowledge.
In this thread several people give the same guess/explanation as I did about devices "sampling" the network to see if it is open. Some also mention something that I forgot--if those mystery devices are actually successfully connected to your network you should see some evidence in your router status.

You can also find goofballs claiming that it's government surveillance if you want an excuse to be paranoid. :D
Okay, you're going to think I'm an idiot, but how do I check my router status?
RTM! (Read The Manual!)

Search the web for the user manual for your router, or just click here, since I already searched. Page 19 (PDF page 23) of that manual begins to talk about default address, login and password. If you, or somebody, has changed any of those you are on your own. After you get in you have to find the desired information--the manual may help or you may have to click around a bit.
full_biscuit is (for me) my Amazon Echo Dot. Its properties in Network includes the MAC Address, which matches the Echo Dot's. Why it comes and goes in Network I do not know.
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