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NSIS Error Message

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Ok folks, I've read what this is supposed to mean, but can't make heads or tails out of it. Is there someone on this forum who could please explain what it means in the simplest terms? I am not a computer geek, how do I get rid of it?


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Hi, It's an error associated with a bad installer of "X" program> hard sometimes to pinpoint exactly which one.

I had this same type of error when closing the last IE browser window, and I just fixed it after reading some things about it.

I had uninstalled AVG free edition, in order to install the newer AVG 7.5 version, but it hung up, so I was thinking that would be the problem but it turned out to be something else! Read on!

Make sure you read this>

If you have McAfee's Site Advisor installed, download a new copy

I downloaded the new copy, then closed all other windows, and
went to Add/Remove Programs and uninstalled SiteAdvisor, reinstalled with the new download, and no more NSIS error!

I did recall getting some kind of error in SiteAdvisor, but it was in Firefox, when I updated, the SiteAdvisor extension no longer was, I suppose that's what did it.

There are other things to try.... if not using SiteAdvisor, post back and I will see what we can get you.
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