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I have Windows XP2. The taskbar inexplicably is now in two rows. Before it was one sigle row and I would like to get the single row back. Can you help?
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Right click the task bar.
Left click "properties"
Is it locked? If not, the cause of your problem is PROBABLY because a user adjusted the "quick launch" toolbar. I have encountered this problem multiple times. I don't have an easy fix for you. I have resolved the issue by putting the cursor on the right most edge of the quick launch toolbar, holding down the left mouse button, then moving the cursor down, left, right, "fiddling with the toolbar" until it gets to the desired size.

You can also try:
Right click the "start" button. Left click "properties".
If the "start menu" "radio button" [ white dot ] has the black dot inside, click on "classic start menu", left click "ok". OR vice versa.

I hope Microsoft has fixed this problem in Vista.

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