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Not Busy,,these Are

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Hello all,,,,ive tried cleaning space on drive c:,and also backup of c:drive.both came back with errors.they cannot access.......
C:\WINDOWS\COOKIE\index.dat..maybe busy
C:\WINDOWS\HISTORY\HISTORY IE5\index.dat..maybe busy
C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet files\content IE5\index.dat..maybe busy
I wasnt connected to net at either time.I use win98se and AOL8 IF THATS ANY HELP!Is there something wrong or is this the norm.


ps....I installed ieSPYAD Into the registry which seems to work really well,but could this be anything to do with it? :confused:
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To clean up the files you listed you should only do it in Internet Explorer. Here's how:

On the menu at the top, go to Tools and select Internet Options, then on the dialogue box that comes up the first tab is General. There is a button for "delete cookies", another for "delete files", and below them you can set the number of days to retain "history" (I use 14 days, but if you are on the internet excessively you could set it to less.)

If you are not computer savvy, don't bother with the other tabs since you could mess up your settings.
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