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Norton CrashGuard

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CrashGuard intercepted a crash in Program Manager,When shutting down computer.How do I fix this?
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The first thing to do is to uninstall Crashguard. It causes more crashes than it stops.
Then, when you get an error, note it and post it back here.
CrashGuard never did work right and that's why it is not on the norton's newer programs anymore.
I deleted the CrashGuard folder,it wasn't in the add and remove programs, and everything works fine now ,thanks
Wrong move!

You should never delete a folder in Program Files, but ALWAYS uninstall it through Control Panel - add/remove programs.

You now have bits and pieces of Crash Guard all over your hard disk that will be very hard if not impossible to remove.

As TonyKlein said "Wrong move!"

You need to reinstall and then uninstall it the right way.

So what ever program you got the CrashGuard with Norton SystemWorks or Norton Utilities you click on that from the Add/Remove and pick custom or whatever it says I forget. But you can install, reinstall and uninstall from there.

So put the trouble CrashGuard back and uninstall it this time.
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