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No sound

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Well, I thought I knew something about PC's but I'm stumped. No sound from my Dell Dimension 733 with Win98se & Sound-Blaster Live Value. When I say no sound, I mean NO SOUND. No CD Player sound, no WIN98 music on startup, and when I open the Control panel - Sounds, no test sounds. Still, if I turn my speakers way up high, I get the obligatory hiss.

The problem started about 2 weeks ago and I didn't install anything new that I can recall.

Here is a list of things I have already tried:

  1. Play Control - No checked mutes
  2. Doesn't seem to be an updated SB sound driver available
  3. Checked dxdialog for updates and problems - no help.
  4. Windows Device Manager indicates no problems, and no sound conflicts.
  5. Anti-Virus program is up-to-date and reports no viruses.
  6. Installed the latest Window Updates
  7. The Windows msconfig commands "System Configuration Utility" looks OK.
  8. I also installed Zone Alarm and Ad-aware and keep them up-to-date.
  9. Windows built-in troubleshooters and their on-line "knowledge base" were no help.
  10. MS System Information shows no conflicts.
  11. And yes, I rebooted.

As you can see, I did my homework. So is anyone up to this challenge? I could really use some help.

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I have a Creative Sound Blaster MP3 external usb sound card which had the same symptoms, I ran the creative diagnostics program, (start, programs, creative, sound blaster, creative diagnostics). The program first checks the hardware then the software
The test said it was a hardware problem. The supply LED was lit and all the connections looked secure. I fixed it by totally removing the supply then reconnecting it.
Do you have the Creative Diagnostics program? At least it will tell you if it is a hardware or software problem.
I ran those tests. Unfortunately, my PC sound failed them all. I'm uncertain what that tells me. Since I hear a hiss if I turn my speakers up all the way, I'm assuming the sound card is seated correctly in the motherboard.

Thanks anyway. Let me know if you have anything else.

wcmats ~ The hiss you hear is probably the 60 cycle hum of it's power supply. After reviewing the steps you have tried; I would suggest that you uninstall the software, then go into device manager and remove (delete) the sound card from the list. Power down (not reboot) then power on. Win98 should detect the new hardware and walk you through the steps needed to reinstall -- have you disks handy ;)

Hope this works :up:
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Follow Ciberblade's advice, but while your PC is powered down, physically remove and reseat your sound card. Also make sure your speakers are plugged into the proper connector.
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