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No sound on pc

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i just got this pc and have no sound for some reason. When I turn the volume all the way up on the amp, I can barely hear it.
Now I tried to use the volume controls on windows, it does not open, Any ideas?

Thanks, and a happy new years
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go to start/settings/control panel/systems
then find the audio device... then go to properties & update your drivers
When you get to system, click device manager and scroll down to sound, video etc. Do you see a ? or !.
What exactly is this wave device for voice modem?In pci multimedia audio device it says:

device type: other devices

manufacturer: none specified.

Hardware version: 000

Device status

The drivers for this device are not installed(code 28.) To reinstall the drivers for this device, click reinstall Driver

Now when i do as it says, I am told no drivers are found. Could this be the problem.

Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!
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When you install, point it at your C:\WINDOWS\CABS, if that doesnt work then use the disc you hopefully may have.
Unfortunately I don't have the disk for it. Theres no way I could download the proper driver. I believe the sound card is a banshee or something similar to that.

Thanks for the help.
Can you post your IRQ list...maybe it'll give us some clues....

Start button, run, then type msinfo32 and hit ok...go to hardware, IRQs, edit, select all, edit, copy and come back and paste.
Heres my IRQ's, sorry I took so long.

0 System timer
1 Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard
2 Programmable interrupt controller
3 Realtek RTL8029(AS) PCI Ethernet NIC
3 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering
4 Communications Port (COM1)
5 Lucent Win Modem
5 Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
5 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering
6 Standard Floppy Disk Controller
7 ECP Printer Port (LPT1)
8 System CMOS/real time clock
9 (free)
10 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering
11 3dfx Voodoo3
11 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering
12 PS/2 Compatible Mouse Port
13 Numeric data processor
14 Primary IDE controller (dual fifo)
14 Intel 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
15 Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo)
15 Intel 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
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Ah, from that list, there is no indication you have a soundcard.....what's the history of the computer? Is it new?
thats strange, Im sure I have a sound card. No, this computer I got for christmas and I have been upgrading it. I'll open up the case and check back with you later, but I believe I have sound blaster installed. Also, I have an audio out on my dvd drive, is it possible to connect my sub to it for the time being, or wouldnt it work.

Thanks again!!!!
Here is a wild shot in the dark, but it helped me. I couldn't get any sound out of my computer either.
Try going to start, settings, control panel, double left click sounds & multimedia, or multimedia, depending on if you have ME or 98,
select a different midi device.
I had the wrong one selected, and never got any sound out of it.
After changing the midi device, I started getting sound through the speakers.
Let me know what happens.
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