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I was helping a friend of my wife's today with her computer. Said her sound wasn't working right, hadn't been working for quite some time (year to two years, imagine that!), but figured it would be easy to fix. Many hours later - not so easy.

Her sound works with normal computer sounds (startup/shutdown sounds, beeps, etc.) and when playing music via media player, itunes, etc. It does NOT work when playing videos from youtube or similar sites, looks like pretty much all flash stuff. I spent quite a bit of time trying things, then googling information and trying some more, nothing worked. Here's what I tried first, in no particular order:

- check that everything was plugged in correctly
- make sure sound wasn't on mute
- sound card was enabled, had current drivers, etc.
- bought new sound card, disabled on board card, thought that might help
- uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Flash (she had version 10 I believe)
- Checked IE settings to make sure multimedia "play sound" box was checked
- Looked around in services to make sure nothing suspicious was turned off or disabled
- Looked around in processes, startup stuff in registry, etc. to look for weird stuff

After googling more info this afternoon, here are some additional things I found and tried this afternoon, with no success:

- Pasting a bunch of entries into registry file that were supposed to reset potential missing entries - think a poster named Ally or Allie on some site posted the fix, seemed to work for others
- Check registry entry for missing wave = msasc32.drv (or something like that), that was there
- Double and triple checked sound settings in control panel, including some sort of Windows Explorer entries in the sounds tab
- Checked msasc32.dll entries in system32 directory
- multiple reboots inbetween various steps

Now I swear I heard audio playing for a few seconds at some point in this whole process, but I could have just been delusional... :)

Only thing I can think of at this point is to uninstall/reinstall IE 8 or Windows itself, but she's not sure where the disks are, so... Never seen this before in my travels, usually I can figure out stuff on my own or with assistance from miscellaneous forums - any suggestions? Possibly her SP3 upgrade or some other install/upgrade/virus activity caused the problem, but she can't pinpoint when and my options are all out at this point...

Dell Dimension 2400 running Windows XP SP3
IE 8
Adobe Flash 10
Tried both onboard SoundMax card and newly installed Rocketfish 5.1 card


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Welcome to TSG forums.
You might try starting in safe mode:
To do this, gently tap the F8 key while computer is booting. When safe mode window opens use the arrow keys on the keyboard to go up to 'last known good configuration' click enter. Let the computer do it's thing.
Post back and let us know how it goes.
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