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Recently, I had to reinstall windows on a new hard drive. After installing all of my drivers, (and I've done this a hundred times, I know how to get the drivers for my motherboard), windows updates (I can't count how many times something bad happened to my computer because of windows updates), etc. and I discovered the computer will not detect a sound device.

I've reinstalled the usual drivers from my motherboard's cd and their website, I've tried updating the BIOS, I even reset the battery. But in no way will my onboard audio device be detected.

I do not have any exclamation points or any signs of missing or corrupt drivers, however I did notice a lot of my drivers have (2) instances and some of them say Unknown location. Even though I keep installing the correct drivers, they don't seem to show up in the device manager (even hidden devices.)

Maybe the onboard sound card died? I don't know but there are two of them on the board and neither of them work.

The windows audio service is started, I've restarted it many times. The device is enabled in the BIOS. The drivers won't update any further and if I wanted to install ones such as "Audio Codecs", or "Legacy Drivers", I can't because there is no Uninstall option. The devices in the list:
Audio Codecs
Audio Codecs }these two are unknown location and do not have an uninstall option.
Legacy Audio Drivers
Legacy Audio Drivers }these two are unknown location and do not have an uninstall option.
Legacy Video Capture Devices }no uninstall option.
Media Control Devices }no uninstall option.
MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device }this comes back when I uninstall.
Standard Game Port
Video Codecs

Hidden Devices: (also come back after they're uninstalled)
Microsoft Kernel System Audio Device
Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver

Note: The drivers I've been installing (including realtek) do not appear in the list. I would think the problem is that I cannot uninstall the 2 instances of the unknown drivers. There are no other devices listed as 'other' or 'unknown'.

Windows XP Pro SP2 32bit
AMD Athlon x64 3500+

Hopefully it's enough info for someone to help me out. Everywhere I search, the only help I get is "be sure you installed the correct drivers" but that doesn't seem to be the problem here.
Also I had to go buy new speakers to find out that they didn't work, so my old speakers should be fine after all.

And stupid me I never have system restore enabled.

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