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so my friend finally decided to come clean tonight because shes in a rut.

it turns out due to her lack of making enough to live + pay her roughly $500-600 a month student loan for 10 years...she decided 4 years ago to just stop the bills came in the mail, the calls were made constantly asking for the money, and the debts were turned over to collection agencies, yet she ignored it all.

She is aware her credit is to **** because of this but she said that when she last spoke to them they could not make it any lower than that and she just couldnt afford it.

A collection agency just recently has called her this week and has left her messages stating "please call back or have your attorney call us before we make a final decision this weekend on how to handle this situation". I am telling her to call and just face whatever it is, i mean **** your not going to jail.

She is SUPER paranoid as to what is going to happen to her, because she can still not afford that rate along with her rent, utilities, current bills, etc.

What is your opinion as to what they are going to ask or do to her? Shes just so scared and im trying to calm her down and just call.

I know they garnish wages and they will also take your income tax to make up for it. She is afraid there going to send her to jail, take her car or other personal assets, or try to make her pay it in full even though she has no way of doing so.

Any input on whats to possibly come, so i can put her to ease?
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