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No Monitor Signal

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I recently began to build my own PC. It has inside:

P4 Processor W/ HT
Intel MB (D845GVAD2)
450 Watt Power Supply
2 HDs 100GB and 20GB (Neither has an OS)
1 stick 512MB (333 MHZ DDR)

Also I have not yet installed any modems, NICs, or any other additional cards yet.

When starting the computer I get three beeps and no monitor signal. Everything else is started as normal.

Also, I am not to sure of the wiring on the Motherboard being correct, no detailed instructions were supplied. Went to Intels website for help and there were no helpful diagrams available for the wiring.
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Hi Smitty1261

3 beeps – Base 64 K memory failure

Reseat the memory.
Make sure that the contacts on the memory and the socket are clean.

Your memory may be wrong

"DDR266/200 MHz SDRAM DIMMs only"
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Thank you for the advice, I changed memory sticks and the three beeps went away, but now I am still not getting a monitor signal. I tried two different monitors and nothing. The computer otherwise is starting up as if there was nothing wrong. I also did not attach a mouse or keyboard this time.
Go ahead and hook up a keyboard. Unhook everything else except for the monitor and power supply. Double check the connections between the case and the system board. You want to get a post displayed on the monitor.

You should be able to tell about hooking up the motherboard and jumper setting from motherboard manual. If you need a manual you can download and print one from here.
is your graphics card onboard, or a card? If a card, then take it out and reseat it.

3 beeps can also stand for no Graphics card found
Right now I am using the on-board graphics
if you turn your monitor on, while leaving the PC off, do you get the test screen appearing?
Yes I do, it gives me a square box with the monitors settings in it.
Ok, rules out monitor probs then . . . have you rebooted with a keyboard and mouse plugged in yet??
Yes, I have rebooted with mouse and keyboard. I am not getting any beeps right now, just no monitor signal. Plugged monitor into second computer and worked fine.
I have two P4 CPU's to test the system with, both brand new. I still get no beeps now after changing the memory, the fans are running, and the green light is on for the mobo.
I also have a second computer here that is doing the exact same thing. The Specs for this computer are:

450W PSU
2 512MB Kingston DDR Memory
uhhmmm . . . I may be wrong, but it doesn't look like that motherboard has onboard graphics. Pop in a graphics card and see if everything works then.
Sorry about that, I might be confusing you. I have two computers in front of me that have the same problem, no signal to the monitor. One has an Intel D845GVAD2 MOBO and the Second one has the ABIT IC7-G MOBO. I have also tried using a graphics card on that one with no results. I have tried to reset the CMOS by switching the jumpers for five seconds.
You keep saying that the computer now makes no beep(s) on boot.

That suggests it is NOT booting at all, as normal POST success is 1 short beep.

Don't go looking for the cause of "no monitor signal" as the fault is much more fundamental, as in no boot?
When I remove the memory, it gives me three beeps. When the memory is placed back in there it is silent. Any suggestions for my boot issue.
Thank You Guys for all of your help. I called the vendor and returned the board for a new one. Will repost when that one comes back and I install it.
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