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No internet during certain hours - Red LOS light

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Our internet only seems to work for certain hours each day. From 8:00-9:00... 14:00- 18:30... (not exact times, give or take 15-20 mins) the internet works perfectly fine, however all other hours, there is a red "LOS" light that comes on making it so our network is working (I can connect) but there is no internet.

I have tried turning it off and on. Replacing the router. Double checking all of our router settings. Factory resetting everything. Even the internet company keeps telling me they have fixed it, then come 18:30 and the red light of death comes on, baffling us once again.

I am at my wit's end.

According to the research I have done, the problem is outside of our home, however I find it very strange how precise the timing is for when it works and when it doesn't. It doesn't seem like a loose wire or a bad connection, plus if this were the case the technicians should have been able to fix it.

I have attached photos of the box while broken (the light is steady red, no flashing), as well as the bottom of both of our boxes.

Please if anyone has any solutions let me know!
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Where do you live? Like what country? WHat kind of internet service is this for? DSL, Fiber, Cable or 4G?
Barcelona, Spain, and it is a fiber cable. Sorry forgot to include this!
Ok in the pics you posted of the bottoms which is the top and bottom? Also could you tl me what, if anything the ISP has provided in way of tech support?
The 2nd photo is of the top box, and the 3rd photo is of the bottom box. As for their tech support, it has been basically non-existent. They came once and replaced the top smaller box (not sure the name for this one) and claimed it was working but sure enough when 18:30 rolled around it broke down again. I have called their hotline probably 50 times every time they tell me they have fixed it but don't give me any details on how (don't send technicians anymore, they claim to fix it from their offices) and then it breaks down again in the evening.
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