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No headphone Jack on tv

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Hi I have got a new Tv with no Headphone socket I need to connect my stereo to my tv so I can watch live tv ect but all my tv has are Hdmi sockets can you help thanks
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts headphone socket has nothing to do with "watching" TV with trying to connect your stereo....that's all audio.

If you would list all your hardware components by brand/make/model, we could have a better idea of how to go forward trying to help you.
oh yer sorry , I have No more information that can help, but I think I found what I need maybe a DAC converter?
Does your stereo have Optical In? If so, your TV should should also have that.
Without the model name/numbers of both the TV and the stereo, there is not much we can go on.

Are you trying to connect the TV to the stereo for louder sound?
TV Speakers? Only need external for better stereo and/or volume.

"need to connect my stereo to my tv so I can watch live tv"
Yep i said it wrong in my question sorry but I think you know what i mean ,audio from live tv from hdmi converted to headphone jack it possible .i think thats better help.but i looked do I need a hdmi lead going toba dac converter would it work? Only way i can think of saying it . Thanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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