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No display on monitor

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Hi all,

For no apparent reason I started getting an error message on my monitor saying "no signal"
I disconnected everything and re-connected and while the PC is starting up and not giving any audible beeps to indicate an error, I'm not getting anything on the screen.
I connected the screen to my laptop and its working fine.

Anyone got any ideas what is causing the problem??
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The "no signal" means that the PC is not providing a signal (usually because it has not booted)

The "no signal" message comes from the monitor itself, not the PC.

You usually get one single beep on a successful boot. Is that happening?
Also, when the PC has booted, the Caps Lock light on the keyboard should toggle On and Off with each key press. If that does not happen, the PC has not actually booted.

Fans running etc do not necessarily mean the PC has booted.
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