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no display after install memory

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I installed 256mb of SDRAM on my computer. (win98) I have done this before on my other computers no problem. This time I found I had to remove my video card to add the memory because the vid card Block the way. Once all was installed I started teh computer and it showed the new memory and went to the windows start logo then the screen went to a soft grey blank and would respond. It will reboot but always comes back to that screen. I have a boot disk and if I reboot on that I can move around inDOS but it will not let me restart in WIN.???:confused:
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can you reboot in safe mode... if so do you get visual?
No, It will not go to safe mode.
Pull the new memory back out, will it boot now in either mode.

How much total memory do you have installed in the machine
I am sorry. I did not mention that I tried restoring everything back as it was. ie old memory etc. Still same result. It had 128mb I upgraded to 1 256mb .
Really not sure.

What type of video card, make and model, pci or agp
AGP card. I believe it is a Geoforce . w tv adap .
I really don't know what to say, never seen that with a working card.

Could be the card went bad, I would try another video card to see.

If you card has a cooling fan make sure it is still connected and running.

Make sure memory is inserted all the way in and tight.

Could be a software glitch of some kind.

You could try booting to the command prompt.
type scanreg /restore and restore a registry from a previous date before the problem happened. Note any software, etc, that has been installed since the registry date will have to be reinstalled.

If that doesn't work I don't know
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