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No audio hardware/ waveform device msg

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I'm trying to set up an older win98 machine for my daughter to play some games on (she's 4).

Problem is there is absolutely no way to get sounds. Speakers are hooked in properly.

I get messages say "no audio hardware" or "no waveform device" depending on what I try to do.

CDs won't even play within the computer, just nothing. MIDI doesn't work either.

Any suggestions ? What do I need to do to get it to work (it used to- I swear!)

No interenet access with that comp, but my computer does, so if that is involved I'll have to put stuff on a disc yo transfer.
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when you right click 'my computer' and go to device manager is there any listing of sound devices? Is there any entries with yellow question marks beside them. If there is a question mark then the drivers for the device need to be reinstalled or updated from the original cd or from the manufacturers website.
If the sound card is not listed try turning off the computer removing the card, restarting,turning off inserting the card and stating up hopefully you will then go thru the new hardware detected wizard.
Before any of this though it may be a silly suggestion but if you go to start/accessories/entertainment and volume control nothing is muted right?
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