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No Access to files or permissions to edit file even as admin

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I factory reset my PC but as the only one signed in as administrator I don't have permissions to access or change anything with the pc, I can't change who has access or give myself access, I can't access one of my drives that has windows on it so I can't factory reset either, I can't download a new file for windows on a different drive also because I don't have access to those files. What do I do, this has been driving me crazy for 2 days
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In the beginning you said you reset your PC. Then after a bit you say you can't reset your PC. Which is it?
I reset my PC 2 days ago but I am currently unable to because it requires admin privilege in which my PC for some reason doesn't have anymore
Unable to what?
Unable to what?
Unable to reset PC, change admin permissions, download anything that requires administrator or run anything in administrator mode
First thig to think about
Do you have any data you need to get off this computer? If yes then make a ubuntu bootable usb or dvd NO install needed
Or here is a Youtube on how to make the usb

Copy your data to an external drive or another computer/nas.
Insert the usb or cd/dvd and boot your system. You may have to change bios settings to boot from the usb or cd/dvd(every computer is different) We can help with this.
When the computer boots choose TRY UBUNTU and let the system boot.
When booted look on the left-hand side of the screen and click on Files icon
Communication Device Font Screenshot Gadget Electronic device

Then click on Other Locations
Font Rectangle Parallel Screenshot Communication Device

Click on your drive for example Win 7
Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Brand

Click on Users Icon
Click on your name listed under users

You should now see your data e.g Documents Pictures etc.
Copy your data to an external drive or another computer/nas.
When finished Click on the shutdown icon in the top right-hand corner Click on Power Off
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