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NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error (Message for XP pro…)

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When I run certain programs I get a message saying…

***Hardware Malfunction

NMI: Parity Check/ Memory Parity Error

***The system has halted***

This is all on a blue screen with the system halted. Any time it happens I need to hit the kill switch on the back of my power supply to restart the computer. It doesn’t happen often but usually during playing a game or running my McAfee anti-virus program. Either way if it is the programs fault why is the hardware malfunctioning? What can I do to fix the problem?

Windows XP Pro SP 1
AMD Athlon 1.2ghz
ATI Radon 9000 Pro 128DDR
Crucial Memory 512 DDR PC2100
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Check this article:

Another option is to update all devices drivers.

Did you clean install or upgrade from Me?
Does it happen when you play Return to Castle Wolfenstein locally?
Are any Return to Castle Wolfenstein patches installed?
If so are those a final release or a beta version?
What are your system specs? What is the make and model of the following devices?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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