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NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error (Message for XP pro…)

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When I run certain programs I get a message saying…

***Hardware Malfunction

NMI: Parity Check/ Memory Parity Error

***The system has halted***

This is all on a blue screen with the system halted. Any time it happens I need to hit the kill switch on the back of my power supply to restart the computer. It doesn’t happen often but usually during playing a game or running my McAfee anti-virus program. Either way if it is the programs fault why is the hardware malfunctioning? What can I do to fix the problem?

Windows XP Pro SP 1
AMD Athlon 1.2ghz
ATI Radon 9000 Pro 128DDR
Crucial Memory 512 DDR PC2100
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Well I dunno what’s up because I had my memory tested with Microsoft’s “Memory Diagnostic” tool and all memory came out ok. I even tried reinstalling some of the programs the error happens on and still no luck even though it takes more time for the error to happen now (bummer :( ). I has to be a Windows XP thing because when I had Windows ME with the same programs it ran fine and I’m not about to downgrade just for that. If anyone has some suggestions please lemme know… Thankx
I originally just upgraded from ME but I got Sobig the second I went online and messed everything up. Then I totally reformatted and wrote 0’s over the first 15 sectors of my HD and then did a clean fresh install and also got a chance to switch to NTFS. That’s about it. I have all hardware updated either from the XP install or windows update. The link you gave Wiz actually was on the first link but thanks anyway. I doesn’t bother my enough to start pulling everything out of my board if all my other programs work except a few problem ones. I would need to say it happens the most on Return to Castle Wolfenstein when ever I try to play online. I get a good 2 minutes before all the sudden it happens. Maybe that helps. I could go bug Id about it but they’ll just give me the run around. Again if anyone has suggestions, go for it….
Sngle player works, I'll need to try a local network (by making one) one sec...
Yeah, single and local multiplayer work but net multiplayer doesn’t. Maybe that helps….
Full System Spects as follows....

Video Card : RADEON 9000 SERIES
Video Driver : ati2dvag.dll
Driver Version :

Sound Card : Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373) (WDM)
Sound Driver : es1371mp.sys
Driver Version : 5.01.3612.0000

DirectX : DirectX 9.0b
Operating System Windows XP Service Pack 1 5.1.2600

----EASy System Output---------------------------------------

CPU Info

CPU Count : 1
CPU Type : 2000 MHz AuthenticAMD Thunderbird
6 4 2

RAM : 512 MB Total
292 MB Free
Virtual RAM : 994 MB Total
820 MB Free

Operating System : Windows XP Service Pack 1 5.1.2600

Default Browser : Internet Explorer
Version : 6.0.2800.1106


----Display Info--------------------------------------------

Number of Displays : 2

Current Mode (Primary) : 1024x768 32

Primary display device

Description : RADEON 9000 SERIES
Manufacturer : ATI Technologies Inc.
Video Memory : 128 MB

Main Driver : ati2dvag.dll
Version :

Secondary display device

Description : RADEON 9000 SERIES - Secondary
Manufacturer : ATI Technologies Inc.
Video Memory : 1 MB

Main Driver : ati2dvag.dll
Version :

Supported Display Modes

| 16 | 256 | 16 bits| 24 bits| 32 bits
640 x 480| * | * | * | | *
800 x 600| * | * | * | | *
1024x 768| | * | * | | *
1152x 864| | * | * | | *
1280x1024| | * | * | | *
1600x1200| | | | |


----Sound, Video and Game Controllers-----------------------

Description : Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373) (WDM)
Manufacturer : Creative Technology Ltd.

Main Driver : es1371mp.sys
Version : 5.01.3612.0000


----Direct X------------------------------------------------

DirectX Info
Version : DirectX 9.0b


----Monitor Information-------------------------------------

Primary monitor

Description : hp pavilion v70
Manufacturer : HP
Max. Resolution : 1280,1024


----Network Information-------------------------------------

Description : Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC
Manufacturer : Realtek
Driver : System32\DRIVERS\R8139n51.SYS
Bound Protocols
IP Address: :
IP Mask: :
Gateway: :


----Input Device Information--------------------------------

Mouse Information

Description : Microsoft PS/2 Port Mouse (IntelliPoint)

Keyboard Information

Description : IBM enhanced (101- or 102-key)


----Modem Information---------------------------------------

Description : Broadxent DSI V.92 PCI DI3631
Driver :


Yes I do have a patch installed and its the final 4.1 ver. Again, if this gives you an idea, feel free to help pls...
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