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Hi everyone

this should be simple..likely some small setting?

when opening a new window, my new window opens small. This used to be correctable by grabbing the corners of the window, dragging it open to the desired size, closing then re-opening however now it doesnt. it still opens to the small size. how do you fix that?

I had some computer problems, took my (old) machine back to the last guy that worked on it. One time, he said I had a bad ram chip, replaced it with a 1g chip. then it was "my hard drive so he added a new one of that too.

this time I thought it was his hardware that failed, took it back btu now he siad its my mother board and replaced that too!

the chip used to be Pentuim 4 but he said the new boards wouldent support my P4 so he get me into an AMD to go along with the board. Then he told me that the AMD was 2.8ghz when in fact it was 1.6 the same as my last P4. then he charged me 250.00 (CDN) for the board, chip and 1hr labour.

meanwhile, all my contacts in outlook express are gone, important emails, gone. Programs the at used to work, gone (like Maximizer that I keep clients in)

before giving it to the store, I sent an email telling them to back up anything they need to before doing anything. On top of that, I printed the email, and had them attach it to the work order and confirmed the same by phone too inwhich they told me that backup wasent nessesary because "there would be no reason to wipe out my data".
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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